James Franco - The Godfather 

muslimvirgin asked: Ja das stimmt


muslimvirgin asked: Warum denke ich nur noch an dich. Deine Augen, dein Lächeln..... Du htast was magisches. Ich kenne sowas gar nicht. Wie machst du das ??

I don’t speak German, unfortunately, but Google translate tells me you are quite smitten by James Franco? :P

James Franco as Bruce Nauman (*)

James Franco at the Toronto Film Festival 2014 (*)

distantgetaway asked: You can go to movie tube and see Palo Alto for free btw

Thank you for this information! :) xx


Gia Coppola and James Franco on the set of Palo Alto (2014).

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Back with my homegirl, @emmaroberts !!!!! (Vía @jamesfrancotv)

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Rise of the planet of the Apes (2011)

Anonymous asked: that link for the book doesn't work :( I'm mobile

Oh whoops, looks like it’s been taken down now :/

I’m sorry, I can’t find another link yet! xx


straight men.

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Anonymous asked: Do you have a download link for the book palo alto

This has the PDF, epub and audio book downloads: http://bookalist.net/?p=81920

Enjoy :) xx

James Franco movies from 2013

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Anonymous asked: Do you know where in NYC James is staying?

Not sure when you sent this love, but I don’t. Sorry! xx

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